Blocksale, the Ether service for The Netherlands.
Blocksale, de ETH service van Nederland.
We are based in Amsterdam and have a small team with a long founded interest in cryptocurrency and technology lead design. Blocksale is an initiative of 310k creative agency.
Blocksale is een initiatief van creatief bureau 310k.
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If you are having problems please contact Please include your order number and IBAN details in order for us to help you faster.
Gebruik dit email adres alleen bij technische problemen. Vermeld in de email uw ordernummer en IBAN details zodat wij u zo goed mogelijk kunnen helpen.

Terms of service
Blocksale values your privacy. We take careful decisions to balance privacy, fraud prevention and the promotion of the legitimate use of cryptocurrency. Although Ether has not yet been officially recognized, we believe it will be classed as currency one day and therefore could fall under financial law. One part of this is the "Know your customer" policy to prevent money laundering.

We aim to prevent that your information falls in the hands of third parties. We do not supply your details to third parties, unless we are required by law to do so for specific fraud cases or other crimes. We will not participate in non-oriented or a not sufficiently substantiated claims for data.
Privacy during cryptocurrency transactions
You need to be aware of the fact that information on Ether transactions is publicly available. The Ether you buy from us are also traceable. In theory, Ether purchases can be traced back to Blocksale. For privacy considerations you could choose to use a mixing service. We also advise you to not use bitcoin addresses more than once. Preferably use a wallet that creates a new change address for every transaction.
We aim to keep the use of cookies to a minimum. We do not use third-party cookies. You will not encounter a direct integration of social media or other foreign companies.
Buying Cryptocurrency via Blocksale
When you purchase Ether through Blocksale, you agree to the following terms and conditions:.
1. The purchase concerns digital goods (Ether) without a fixed value. When purchasing you agree to the value of the Ether as determined by Blocksale at that moment in time.

2. You are aware of the fact that the value of the purchase can fluctuate considerably. There is no guarantee for any value retention in the future.

3. The delivery of your Ether takes place through providing a signed Ether transaction to the recorded Ether address and broadcasting it to the Ether network. We guarantee that we successfully create and provide the signed transaction and that we will send this transaction out onto the Ether-network within minutes. However, we have no influence over the further handling of the transaction by the network. In the exceptional case that something goes wrong during the processing of the transaction by the network, you are entitled to the support and assistance of Blocksale.

4. Payments made using the available payment methods, as well as a Ether transaction, cannot be undone and are irreversible. Entering in the correct information (destination Ether address, amount of Ether / euros) is your responsibility.

5. You should provide an Ether address to which you have access (from your wallet). It is not allowed to use our services for a direct payment to a webshop or other third party. If an address that belongs to a third part is provided, responsibility lies with the customer. Blocksale reserves the right to block the transaction and charge you any costs / rate differences.

6. In the case of suspected fraud or abuse, Blocksale reserves the right to suspend transactions from taking place until the legitimacy of the transactions has been verified.

7. Ether cannot be returned or exchanged with Blocksale.

8. Blocksale assumes it sells to private consumers and therefore does not provide an invoice as standard. Business sales are possible and an invoice can be provided upon request. Input tax cannot be deducted.

9. You are at least 18 years of age or you have the permission of a parent or legal guardian.

10. The secure storage of your Ether is your own responsibility. Advice given by Blocksale is purely informative and does not offer any guarantee.

11. All new customers are required to go through a verification process. Ether can only be delivered when the verification process has been completed. Every customer will need to verify IBAN, Email and Phone number after their first purchase.

12. Failure to complete verification will result in the cancelling of the order and deduction of cancelation fees from your original payment.
Our Details
Blocksale is a division of 310k.
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